CBD Starter Kit and Dosing Explained – The GREENPATH™ Science System


GREENPATH™ is the safe and trustworthy system that you control. We combined scientifically calibrated technology, with the highest-quality full spectrum, certified CBD to provide the greatest benefit of CBD at the greatest value.

System Includes: Exclusive MG Calibrated Dropper, 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil, certificate of analysis, user guide, and daily log.

1) Optimal Dosage Calibrated MG Dropper
The uniquely patented technology to help you determine how much CBD is right for you.
2) 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil (100% Organic)
GREENPATH™ CBD is non-toxic, non-intoxicating, and since it does not contain THC it is non-hallucinogenic.
3) Total Cannabinoids Certificate of Analysis
Laboratory Quality Control (LQC) samples performed specified established by the BCC in 16 CCR section 5703.
4) CBD From A to Z Full Color User Guide
GREENPATH™ replaces hearsay and empty claims with science. Our user guide is your personal tool developed to make CBD work for you.
5) CBD Daily Progress Log – Make CBD Work For You
1000mg / 1oz. bottle daily progress log. Keep close track of presenting issues (anxiety, pain, etc.), to maximize CBD results.

Learn more about our CBD starter kit on our site: https://greenpathscience.com/shop/greenpath-science-system-1000mg-box/


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