Pain Relief Pure Ratios CBD Review (Review or Destroy!)

Pain Relief Pure Ratios CBD Review (Review or Destroy!)Click this link to visit their website! Pure Ratios’ award-winning transdermal patch is the first and only of its kind. The patent-pending topical reservoir patch lasts up to 96 hours. Naturally pure, additive free, and water-proof, these patches are perfect to manage pain while living an active lifestyle. Pure Ratios was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur William (Billy) Conner. Fascinated by the potential positive health impacts of plant-based remedies, Billy set out to revolutionize the delivery and consumption of plant-based products. Assembling a team of natural, herbal, and pharmaceutical experts, Pure Ratios bridged the gap between scientific research and natural medicines to create effective and consistent dosing and delivery of CBD & THC products. Product developers Chad Conner and Hind Conner, with their Masters of Science degrees in Oriental Medicine, come from 16-years of therapeutic practitioner experience. Pure Ratios’ Chief Science Officer, Frank Kochinke, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience in developing patented advanced drug delivery systems.

Today, our interdisciplinary team eagerly seeks to find the perfect balance between Eastern medicine and Western scientific developments to create the ultimate product line. All our products are made using a proprietary C02 extraction method. Additionally, our hemp extracts are mixed with perfectly formulated assortments of essential oils and herbs to synergistically combine with cannabinoids for maximum therapeutic relief. Also, all Pure Ratios products are chemical and artificial additive free.


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