Commentary on AARP Bulletin's CBD: The Hype, The Science Article

There is an educational gap in the CBD industry. It’s fair to say that because of the halo and marketing presence on CBD, many businesses are opening to sell a whole variety of CBD products. As this trend of integrating CBD into every consumable product, there are questions/concerns that need to be answered.

These questions/concerns include:
🌿Does CBD get you high?

🌿In this unregulated market, it’s hard to know what these products really contain.

🌿Does CBD work for everything?

🌿Should I try it?

These questions and concerns are answered in AARP’s article, “CBD: The Hype, The Science – Products containing the hemp derivative are much easier to get, but the health value has yet to be proved” by Sari Harrar.

Link to article👇 👇 👇


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