Daye CBD Tampon Review – Period Pain Relief?! (NOT Cruelty-Free) | Britta

This is a bit of a TMI video, but I really wanted to share the Daye CBD tampon review with you, because I have been dealing with painful periods for as long as I can remember. When I found about about the Daye CBD tampons I was excited, because I was hoping that it would help manage my pain. I have used 5 of the Daye CBD tampons to see if they would help my cramps and this was the result. #period #tampon #periodpain

Time Stamps
00:45 – My period story
02:43 – About Daye
03:35 – Daye CBD tampon close-up
04:03 – Ordering experience
04:42 – Daye unboxing
05:30 – CBD explained*
08:05 – Using Daye CBD tampon
08:49 – Efficacy validation of Daye (White Paper)
10:43 – Tampon price comparison
13:20 – Tampon shape comparison
14:37 – Daye cruelty-free Status
15:13 – My final thoughts

*please note that I’m not a CBD expert and it is possible that there are some errors in the information that I have provided.

Daye Tampons

I only found out AFTER receiving/using the CBD tampons that they were not cruelty-free.

Daye conducted a one-off animal test with their CBD tampons only (the Daye Naked Tampons are cruelty-free!), which was explicitly requested by regulators. This was to ensure that there are no long-term side effects to fertility, the vaginal microbe and vaginal pH levels by the CBD.

Animal Testing for medical CBD. When it comes to testing CBD on animals for medical purposes to learn more about its potential benefits and side effects I am not opposed to it as long as it is necessary and strictly for medical purposes. Because in the long run this could potentially be used a new and perhaps better alternative to other drugs. I do not and never will condone animal testing for unnecessary purposes.

Cruelty-Free Kitty – Guide to Cruelty-Free Period





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